Invest in your rental property with The Connection Company.

Let The Connection Company take the stress out of managing your rental property portfolio.

Whether it’s regular maintenance or urgent electrical repairs, taking care of rental properties requires logistics and understanding. As the landlord, it’s easy to feel stuck in the middle of a property owner who wants to protect their investment without going over budget, and the tenant who wants everything fixed immediately. The Connection Company will partner with you to ensure both sides stay happy.



Avoiding damp conditions and the spread of mould is key to maintaining the health and happiness of tenants, as well as avoiding damage to the rental property itself. Are the rentals you manage compliant with the Healthy Homes ventilation standard? We can advise you on the options for ventilation in kitchens and bathrooms to meet legislative requirements.


Our electricians can provide advice on all forms of heating, including heat pumps, underfloor and radiant, and recommend suppliers and installers suited to your properties. We install and service Fujitsu and Mitsubishi heat pumps, and have experience with many other brands like Daikin, Panasonic and Toshiba. We provide competitive five and six-year warranties.

Air conditioning

The Connection Company are able to customise an air conditioning solution for the rental properties you manage. We’ll help you choose the right air conditioning unit to suit any property size, ensuring fresh, clean air and good ventilation are never a problem for tenants.


We have excellent relationships with lighting designers who can assist you to plan lighting in your rental property.

Perhaps you wish to save your tenants money on power and create a warmer environment by moving to LED lighting, or improve task lighting or emergency lighting. This is work we do everyday and are very experienced at. We would love to help you.

Fibre, internet & wifi

Having a reliable, strong and speedy internet connection is something every rental tenant looks for. For landlords, it’s also a way to improve the value of the property. We’re experts at installing fibre and connecting up the wifi in rental properties. Give The Connection Company a call for all your rental property internet solutions.

Repairs & maintenance

For furnished Christchurch rental properties, we can plan regular electrical maintenance and test and tag appliances to keep everyone on the right side of health and safety. A maintenance schedule for your rental properties will keep us on top of most electrical issues. We’ll be able to warn you of potential damage or injury before an accident occurs.

Energy efficiency

Being energy efficient is increasingly important and no one wants to pay a huge power bill at the end of the month. We can advise you on the latest products and industry recommendations to help keep tenants’ costs down. Talk to us about the options to reduce power and money wastage.

24hr on-call service for Property Managers & Landlords

We know everything doesn’t always go to plan and often problems occur outside of regular business hours. We offer a 24/7 call out service for landlords and property managers to solve those urgent electrical repairs. For fast, reliable electrical problem solving 24/7, contact The Connection Company on 03 960 2742.

Experienced problem solvers

Based on our years of experience, our team of Registered Master Electricians are experts at problem solving before we even arrive at your rental property. Turning up with a fully stocked van containing the tools and parts we need to complete the job means fewer call-outs and faster solutions.

Graham complimented the boys on their nice tidy work that they did out the back. A few of my colleagues have said they are very nice friendly chaps and we welcome them back any time to do work for us. From what we have seen they work very efficiently and well together.
— Gina Dalley - Cowdy & Co Real Estate & Property Management Ltd
The tenant Aileen is so very happy with your tremendous help. She called me and said she can rest easy to now know that that phone is up and running again (St John & it is the phone she can hear people on). So thank you so so much for helping her in the speedy way you did.
— Kim Jones - Property Manager
Just to say thanks to Aaron for his help with the property we rent from Cowdy... he is great all smiles and has gone the extra mile to help. He is tidy clean and fast with the work. thanks from
— Trevor & Julia M