I have no hot water. What do I do?

If no water is coming out of the taps, call a plumber.

If cold water is coming out of all taps call The Connection Company on 03 960 2742 and we’ll get it sorted.

Can you help me at my location?

We cover all of Canterbury. If you live in greater Christchurch, as far north as Kaikoura or as far south as Timaru, The Connection Company are here to help.

How soon can you help me?

If you need urgent help because you have no electricity or no cooking facilities, we will make you a priority. and strive to get to you the same business day, as long as we are able to gain access to your property. For all other electrical projects we will be with you in three to five working days.

Will you call me before you arrive?

Of course. We can let you know when our team are on their way to help you, and we always aim to arrive on time. The nature of Christchurch roads and electrical work sometimes means we’ll take longer to get to you than planned, but you can expect us to call and let you know. If turning up later doesn’t work for you, we can re book a new time over the phone. Simple as that.

Will you clean up afterwards?

Absolutely. There’s no excuse for leaving your home or business like a building site. Those little bits of wire can be very annoying if they’re left in the carpet. Our aim is to take care of your home like it was our own. If you feel we didn’t tidy up well enough, please let us know.

Can we trust you in our property?

We would like to think so. Our electricians are police checked, but we understand you not wanting to leave someone in your home or business unsupervised. We are happy for you to stay on site while the work is being completed, and we can also provide you with the contact details of some of our clients. Feel free to ask them what it’s like working with The Connection Company.

We also have a lot of experience working within major banks around Christchurch, which understandably comes with a lot of vetting, background checks and trust.

Why isn’t my oven working?

For some older models of ovens, the fix can be easy.  Have you switched your oven off at  the wall? Some ovens won’t work unless the clock is set. Have you tried using your oven on automatic setting? Try searching on Google for the make and model of your oven. If it’s one of those quirks, it’s likely someone has had the same issue before and can show you how to fix it. If you have tried everything and your oven still isn’t working, contact The Connection Company on 03 960 2742 and we will get it working for you.

Why won’t the element on my cooktop work?

Whether you’re using an oven, a ceramic or induction cooktop, The Connection Company can help. Our Registered Master Electricians have a lot of experience repairing a variety of appliances. We will always use recommended parts as specified by the manufacturer. Contact us to arrange a time for an inspection.

Why are my lights flickering?

There are a number of reasons your lights may be flickering. Do you have dimmers on those lights? A common reason for flickering lights is people accidentally replacing non-dimmable lamps into dimmable light fittings. If that’s not the reason and your lights are still flickering, contact us on 03 960 2742 and we can check it out.

How much do you charge?

Every job is different. Our rates are influenced by how long the job takes, how tricky the electrical project is, what materials we have to use, and how much of them. If you have a budget that you need to stick to, let us know. We can provide you with a detailed quote. If your work was not quoted, you will receive an itemised invoice within a few days of your project being completed. We aim to be upfront and honest in all of our dealings, so if you have any questions please let us know.

How long will the job take?

How long is a piece of string? For regular service jobs within the Christchurch city area we allow one and a half hours for travel time and to complete your electrical project. Our electricians will be able to give you an idea when they get to the site if the work will take longer. In some cases we may need to order parts, or come back to complete the job at a later date. If that’s the case, we’ll let you know straight away so we can organise another time that suits you to return and complete the job.

Why won’t my heat pump blow hot air?

Your first step is to check your heat pump remote and have a look at the settings. Is the heat pump operating on heating, cooling or auto? Always make sure your remote says ‘Heating’ if you want to stay warm.

Also, how cold is it outside? If it’s below three degrees Celcius outside, some older models of heat pumps will struggle to heat an area, or may need to pause a few times to run a defrost cycle. That’s completely normal. If this happens often and you want to have a chat about upgrading your heat pump, let us know. If you’ve tried all of these scenarios and your heat pump is still blowing cold air, give us a call on 03 960 2742 and we will have one of our accredited heat pump technicians check it out.

Do you install heat pumps?

Absolutely, our team are accredited heat pump technicians. We can advise you on the right sized heat pump for your heating and cooling needs. If you want to heat one room, or you would like more information on a whole home heating solution, let us know. Contact us on 03 960 2742 for a free consultation and quote.

Can you help with my house renovations?

Yes! The earlier you come to us with your renovation ideas, the better. Whatever room in your Christchurch home you’re renovating, we can help you plan for lighting, power outlets, heating, rangehood, under tile heating, cooling and data positions. Have you thought about where your internet comes into the property? Do you want to run the internet through your TV or sound system? Do you want to create a more powerful Wi-Fi connection that boosts a signal through your entire home? We will work with you and your builder to achieve your vision on time and within your budget. Contact us on 03 960 2742 for a free consultation and quote.

What are the benefits of LED lighting?

Lighting technology and energy efficiency has improved so much in recent years. Generally, incandescent or older lamps will provide around 1000 lighting hours. In comparison, LEDs will operate for 30,000 to 50,000 hours on average before you need to replace the fitting. As well as their longevity, LEDs use considerably less power than your standard incandescent lamps.

Are you looking for ways to reduce your electricity bill? Switching your Christchurch home or business to LED lighting can reduce your home’s running costs. For a free consultation and quote, contact The Connection Company on 03 960 2742.

Why do my halogen lamps keep blowing?

Halogen lamps are very susceptible to changes in temperature and vibration, two things that can change a lot in Christchurch. If we get a lot of frosty nights followed by sunny days, or if you live near roadworks or on a main road, not to mention earthquakes and aftershocks, these can all have a major impact on halogen lamps. If you would like to know more about a more reliable, longer lasting and energy efficient alternative in LED lighting, let us know.

How do I connect my TV to Netflix?

If fibre internet is available in your area, the high download speeds make streaming services like Netflix or Lightbox very popular entertainment options. There are a number of ways to get Lightbox or Netflix streaming through your TV, and ideally we can make this happen without having cables running all over your home. Contact us on 03 960 2742 for a free consultation and quote.

Can you help streamline my business?

Most definitely. In this technology hungry world, it’s essential for Christchurch businesses to be online and have access to efficient and reliable data solutions. We can get your business set up with Wi-Fi and cabling options. We can also help you de-clutter retail counter tops, and hide any messy looking cables. We specialise at helping Christchurch businesses do business better. For a free consultation and quote around your next business project contact us on 03 960 2742.

Can you help connect power to our property?

If a property in Christchurch has been unoccupied for more than 6 months, the power may have been physically disconnected. We can help you get the electricity back on. The first step is finding out what your electricity provider needs. This could be an electrical inspection or a COV (certificate of verification). Just let us know what they need, and we can take care of the rest.

Sometimes on older properties, inspections may find there are items that must be upgraded. We’ll need to replace those parts and provide the appropriate certification before the power can be turned back on. To organise a COV for your vacant Christchurch property, contact The Connection Company on 03 960 2742.

Can you convert my hot water to gas?

 We do a lot of this type of work and are happy to give you a free quote for your situation. Usually our electricians work in with your plumber and gas fitter to get the gas hot water conversion done. If you  have not already contacted a plumber and gas fitter, we can recommend and organise one for you.

Can you fix my solar hot water system?

Yes, we work with a plumber specialising in solar hot water and can assist you. Because of the highly specialist and technical nature, it’s best if you give us a call on 03 960 2742 and arrange a time to have a look.

Can you improve my home’s safety and security?

It’s so important that you feel safe and secure in your Christchurch home. What would help make your home feel more like a castle? We can install great weatherproof outdoor lighting solutions that could be motion activated or on a timer. We’ll make sure there is always plenty of light when you walk from your home to the garage door, or whenever a car pulls into your driveway.

Another safety option is installing security cameras. Again, there are a range of options to suit every home and business. Whether you want wireless cameras, motion activated sensors, or an app that allows you to see what is happening on your property in real time, contact The Connection Company on 03 960 2742 for a free consultation and quote on home security solutions that suit you and your budget.

I have just bought a spa. Can you install external power sockets for me to plug it into?

That is no problem. There are regulations about where the power socket can be placed and how protected it needs to be, but we will take care of all of that for you. To get you outdoor spa and entertainment area started, call The Connection Company on 03 960 2742.

Can you test and tag my appliances and tools?

Absolutely. From Christchurch construction and infrastructure companies, to landlords or property managers who provide furnished rentals it’s so important to make sure your electrical tools and appliances are tested and tagged regularly.

Test and tag requirements differ depending on where and how the appliances are being used. The Connection Company can take care of the whole process for you. We’ll manage your file and schedule regular test and tag updates with you to make sure you always stay compliant. We can even complete minor repairs on site to reduce the impact to your business.

If you have your own tester and wish us to use this so that you can keep track of tools and machinery, we are happy to work with you and will send you a copy of the test and tag file every month. Want to know more about a regular test and tag plan in your business? Contact The Connection Company on 03 960 2742.

My underfloor heating is causing huge power bills. Can you help?

We can try. The first step is for one of our electricians to visit your home or business, see a recent electricity statement, and ask some questions about how you use your underfloor heating. Is your underfloor heating running continuously, on a thermostat or off night rate? Once we know more, we can come up with a solution to help you reduce your power bills.

Do you use apprentices? Will I have to pay for them if they work on my site?

At The Connection Company we are committed to training our young people, and helping them gain a foothold into the electrical industry. Apprentices build their knowledge over their four years of training by doing practical work and attending night classes about electrical theory. You will be invoiced for any work one of our apprentices completes on your site. You can rest assured that one of our Registered Master Electricians will sign off on your project so you’re covered by the $10,000 Guarantee.

Can you help with temporary power for a building site or property?

Yes. Give us a call on 03 960 2742 and we will confirm your requirements and liaise with lines company contractors on your behalf.

How do you work with other contractors?

Christchurch is a small place, and we’re committed to co operating with all people of all trades to complete your projects. We work  with contractors, builders, plumbers or joiners to complete a wide variety of projects. We will always work to meet time frames set by other contractors so that your project can be delivered on time. If you need electrical help on a project, we’re always happy to help.

I’m a property manager and need urgent electrical help!

We’re on our way. We operate a 24 / 7 call out service for emergency electrical work for Christchurch Property Managers and Landlords. Just call us on 03 960 2742 at any time, day or night and you will be redirected to the electrician on call.

Why does the UPS at my business keep beeping?

A UPS or uninterruptible power supply is a device that will keep your devices running for a short period of time after a power cut. A UPS also provides protection from power surges. At The Connection Company, we have APC trained staff who are experienced with UPS and can fix any problems you may have. If you want to know more about protecting your data and the electrical devices in your business, contact us on 03 960 2742 for a free consultation and quote.

What is your company's attitude to Health & Safety?

Every single team member at The Connection Company deserves to go home safely at the end of each day. We are committed to following all Health and Safety procedures to protect our staff, those working around us, and you as the property owner. We keep our staff involved in all Health and Safety decision making and are happy to provide you with a copy of our Health and Safety Policy.

One of our company values is “Think safe, be safe, home safe.” The electrical industry is no place to be complacent about safety. Before starting a project, our electricians complete an electronic Task Analysis form, which is immediately sent back to the office and is a permanent record of the safety methods used for the job. We also have safe work methods for many tasks that are being constantly improved. Our staff regularly attend Health and Safety training, and all of our field staff have current Site Safe certifications. The Connection Company have been members of Site Safe for more than seven years and value the support we receive from them to maintain and manage our Health and Safety systems.