Got your emergency power sorted?


Protect yourself, your business, and your data.

Have you ever thought about what would happen in your business if the power went out? Have you got your back up systems in place? If disaster were to strike, a systems back up is essential to prevent losing precious data with an unexpected shutdown. We’ve put together a helpful guide for all you need to know about managing emergency power systems.


What is an Emergency Power Supply?

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a device which maintains a continuous electrical power

supply to connected equipment via a separate source when utility power is not available. Another term used is Continuous Power Supply (CPS). It’s often referred to simply as an Emergency Power Supply.

The Connection Company specialises in power protection systems. We offer full installation of UPS systems, and other alternatives, and are happy to organise project management and customise a power protection solution for your business. We also test existing UPS systems and can complete regular maintenance to keep them in top condition to protect your business from the consequences of unexpected power outages. We can also support you to put in place regular backups of vital systems.

Why is power protection needed?

A UPS system is absolutely ideal commercially, both to back up data, and to smooth out power spikes and shut equipment down safely to prevent damage occurring. For a business running an office or computer aided manufacturing, power protection is necessary to protect your information and equipment. If there’s a power outage or spike in electricity, you could lose information or damage equipment costing you considerable downtime and loss of income.

Avoid this by arranging for us to install your data safety net.

We recommend that all businesses have a form of power protection and backup system in case of emergency, power outage or civil disaster.

What kind of UPS maintenance is needed?

A UPS requires at least annual maintenance to ensure that if a power outage occurs, the UPS will operate to protect your information by shutting down equipment smoothly and in an orderly fashion. The Connection Company run professional maintenance checks for UPS equipment.

Losing your data is a nightmare for any business. Save yourself the drama of losing valuable information and support your staff by ensuring your backup system is operating correctly and that emergency power will kick in when needed by meeting with our knowledgeable team.

The electricians at The Connection Company can efficiently create an affordable and quality power protection system compatible with your company’s requirements. Contact us for a quote or discussion regarding how you can protect your valuable data.


Safeguard your business today by arranging a quote with our knowledgeable team.

Elaina Culbert